Leitud lood

102004 – first presidential hike from Aegviidu to Jäneda Ähijärve-Aegviidu hiking trail

There are many footprints left by the presidents of our country in both Jäneda and Nelijärve. Konstantin Päts, the first president of the Republic of Estonia, was the author and financier of the idea to build the Nelijärve Tourist Home, as well as the founder of the Jäneda Agricultural High School. Arnold Rüütel graduated in the 27th class of the school in Jäneda.
In 2004, the presidential hike, a popular social event, was held for the first time. About 1,500 people complete the trail every year, either on skis or with walking sticks.
Aegviidu has been a renowned winter sports centre since the beginning of the Republic of Estonia. Its activities intensified along with the establishment of the tourist home in 1938.
“Aegviidu, along with its landscape and modern tourist home, belongs to the class of winter sports centres of general importance. The landscapes of Aegviidu have pleasant skiing trails of 3–5 km. /--/ Nelijärve’s forest landscape has many long skiing trails cleared of trees that alternate with higher ridges, valleys and slopes. /--/ You can spend the night, dine but also lodge at the all-around modern tourist home. The tourist home has baths, showers and facilities for tarring skis. The longer skiing routes from Aegviidu to Jäneda or the northern Vargamäe offer skiers lovely forest paths.” (Turismi Teataja 5/6 1939)