Great group hike
6 - 25 August 2018

The great group hike is part of our gift for Estonia's 100th anniversary. 

Hiking groups will start from the 6 ending points of the hiking route and finish in Aegviidu on 25 August 2018.

The great group hike

To celebrate the anniversary year, a great group hike will take place on 6–25 August. Guided hiking groups will start from the endpoints of the hiking route of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) and continue to the hiking capital Aegviidu. Overall, there are six hiking groups with rotating members and each group has a maximum of 25 members. You can join the hikes either at a certain stage or for the whole duration.

Arrangement of the hike

The hike is arranged on the RMK hiking route. Each group is lead by 2 group leaders who are resposible for the arrangement of all neccesary things.
Nights are passed in RMK campsites that are all equipped with at least a picnic table and benches, dry toilet and a campfire site. Hikers must provide their own tents for sleeping. 
Please note that a hike of several days can be quite different from the life we are use to. While hiking you won't have the opportunity to shower daily and even a dry toilet might not be in reach at every moment. 
Electricity is not available during the hike. If you wish to use your mobile phone regularly then you need to bring your own battery bank or something similar to equip your phone with electricity. 

Registration and fees

Prior registration is necessary for participating in the hike. This can be done on the website’s REGISTRATION page. After completing the registration form, you will be contacted by e-mail to set up the details for participating in the hike. Then, you will be sent an invoice. Registration is deemed complete after the invoice has been paid.

The hikes are divided into stages; you can join and leave the hike at the starting points and endpoints of each stage. You can join for one or several stages or, if you want, for the whole hike. RMK will organise transport to the official points where you can join and leave the hike (i.e. transfer points) from a previously assigned location (see the HIKES page for more information).
The price of a hike day includes a guide service, transport to and from the hike, meals three times a day, and the transport of equipment and bicycles.

Hiking day prices:

  • 9 euros for adults
  • 5 euros for children aged 7–13
  • Free of charge for children under 7 years

Bicycles and transport

As the hiking distances are of various lengths and on different terrains, some road sections will be travelled on bicycles. If necessary, bicycles can be rented upon registration; you can also take your own bicycle. There is a separate fee for renting a bicycle .
When a road section is travelled on foot, bicycles are transported separately from the hiking group. Bicycle owners have access to their bicycles only on days when hiking takes place on bicycles.
If you take your own bicycle, it has to be equipped with the owner’s information to avoid accidentally mixing up bikes.


Food is included in the price of registration. There are three meals per the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be cooked by the group themselves, but lunch and dinner will be prepared with the help of professionals.

Some hiking days can be quite long and physically exhausting. Therefore we advise you to bring some snacks to help you regain energy and help keep up the motivation. 

Transport of equipment

To make sure that the hike is feasible for both children and grownups, RMK will transport heavier equipment from one camp spot to another. Hence, you only need to carry things that you will need during the day.

What do I have to know before going on hiking?

If you have registered and paid, then RMK will ensure:

  • transport from the assigned transfer point to the starting point of the hiking stage (you can reach the transfer point via public transport);
  • transport from the hike’s endpoint to the starting point of the stage (another point agreed upon);
  • hiking guide services;
  • hiking meals three times a day;
  • transport of equipment;
  • transport of bicycles;
  • transport in the case of an accident;
  • a party and a collective dinner at the end of the hike in Aegviidu on 25 August

Please take the following with you:

Hiking equipment (except for a bicycle) cannot be rented from RMK. If you are in need of a specific piece of hiking equipment, please borrow it from a friend or rent from the following service providers: 

  • Matkarent -
  • Nipernaadi -

Trails, campsites and transfer points

On this map you can view the trails, trail sections, campsites and transfer points. By clicking on the full screen icon on the upper right corner the map will open in a new tab. 

 Starting and ending point of trail section